Welcome to Long Counseling and Evaluation Services. We provide quality and caring services to our families and clients.

Our Services helps restore families bonds after a separation, divorce, and/or being separated from child(ren) and/or parent(s) due to estrangement within the Family system. Families Are a complicated system, and we are here to help your family through challenging transitions, such as divorce, separation, and other situations where children are separated from their parent(s). LCES, PLLC works with adolescents wanting to divorce their family, and provides a safe place for ‘family mediation’ to occur where both the teenager and parent(s) feel heard, non-judged, in a compassionate and caring place.

LCES, PLLC also provides in depth parent evaluations where we look at both parents equally and authentically to provide the best possible outcome for the children and parents. Although, we wish parents ‘could’ decide what is best for their children, we know realistically there are times when the courts need assistance by a parent evaluator to help decide what is in the best interests of the child. Our parenting evaluations serve as a guide to help courts, attorneys, mediators, and parents while designing a parenting plan that meets the families needs, and utilizing the parents strengths and challenges to formulate a thorough custodial arrangement. Parenting evaluations are not ‘fast’ results, and the evaluator takes time in conducting the assessment, testing, speaking with collaterals, and meeting with all the key stakeholders in the Family system.  Our goal as a parenting evaluator is to end the litigation, and provide a thorough assessment where families can move forward in their lives ( not backwards or staying stuck).

LCES, PLLC also provides parent coordination, child custody coaching, co-parent coaching and training, mediation, family counseling, couples counseling, and working with adolescents and children.

LCES, PLLC looks forward to meeting with your family and helping them through life transitions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at (425) 609-3670 or e-mail us at longcounseling@gmail.com.

”Life is a journey at every moment…seize every opportunity.”


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