Self Care for Professionals Working with High Conflict Families…

Self Care is Mandatory while working with High Conflict Families…Why? Working with high conflict families going through child custody battles is not an easy task.  Professionals in this field easily burnout and need to take care of themselves first so they are physically and mentally prepared to work with this population. I was working onContinue reading “Self Care for Professionals Working with High Conflict Families…”

Long Counseling Newsletter August 2018

  WELCOME TO LONG COUNSELING  We have exciting news to share with you this month! Trivia Question: Which continent has the highest population density? Summer Question? Summer is in full swing – what are your kids doing this summer? Exciting Read: Is it about the Parents “my time” or the Children’s Time when thinking aboutContinue reading “Long Counseling Newsletter August 2018”

Teenagers, Child Custody and Extracurricular Activities…what is the fight over?

Children who participate in physical activities such as sports experience positive health benefits, including decreased likelihood of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and some types of cancer (Council of Physical fitness and sports).  According to several articles, including the article published by the University of Florida, children who participate in sports are less likely toContinue reading “Teenagers, Child Custody and Extracurricular Activities…what is the fight over?”

Is Internet Pornography Ruining Marriages-The Silent Killer!

Internet pornography is a real issue for men and women (and teenagers) with increased technology and free availability to explicit sexual erotica. Provided the triple XXX pornography on the internet, many adults are increasingly becoming consumed or even addicted to porn. Some may argue internet pornography is not addictive, however, research has shown the brain chemicals change inContinue reading “Is Internet Pornography Ruining Marriages-The Silent Killer!”

The Family Courts Are Flawed…

The family courts and family legal system are flawed in so many ways. On one hand, who blames the commissioners and judges for handing out life altering judgements in a matter of approximately fifteen minutes after both parties have argued their point? Yet, on the other hand, how can these commissioner and judges make suchContinue reading “The Family Courts Are Flawed…”

Long Counseling News Letter

Welcome to LCES! Newsletter February 2018 Check out our new Groups! In this News: Divorce with children Group Mental Sports Coaching Supervised Visits DIVORCE with children GROUP STARTING… **Call 425-609-3670 or email albert@longcounseling to schedule a 15-minute intake to see if this group fits your needs, and get signed up! This Divorce with children groupContinue reading “Long Counseling News Letter”

Does Reunification Therapy Really Work?

Reunification Therapy (RT) is intended to transition a child or children back into the lives of their estranged parent usually due to a high conflict custody case.  Reunification Therapy (RT) has many challenges, especially when parental alienation is involved.  The Reunification Therapist must be highly trained and qualified in family systems, developmental psychology, high conflictContinue reading “Does Reunification Therapy Really Work?”

Long Counseling Newsletter

LONG COUNSELING AND EVALUATION NEWSLETTER June 30, 2017 Is it about the Parents “my time” or the Children’s Time when thinking about Child Custody? Written By Rochelle Long, MA, LMHC Too many parents get so wrapped up in “my time” with their children, rather than think about their “children’s time.” Many parents count the days,Continue reading “Long Counseling Newsletter”

Reunification Therapy Training Level 1

Sign Up Now for Reunification Therapy Training – this is a specialized training for Master or Doctorate Licensed Therapists that want to add Reunification Therapy to their practice, or continue their education and understanding of Reunification Therapy (RT).  RT is not family systems therapy, it encompasses family systems, attachment, psychopathology, basic understanding of family law,Continue reading “Reunification Therapy Training Level 1”