Coping with Parent Alienation: Consider these Tips:

by Rochelle Long, MA, LMHC What exactly is parental alienation? “Parental alienation when one parent alienate the affections of the children so the child does not want to be with or spend time with the other parent.” (Darnell, D. 2007). Parental Alienation is not for those parents who have been estranged from their non-favored parentContinue reading “Coping with Parent Alienation: Consider these Tips:”

Long Counseling Newsletter August 2018

  WELCOME TO LONG COUNSELING  We have exciting news to share with you this month! Trivia Question: Which continent has the highest population density? Summer Question? Summer is in full swing – what are your kids doing this summer? Exciting Read: Is it about the Parents “my time” or the Children’s Time when thinking aboutContinue reading “Long Counseling Newsletter August 2018”

Teenagers, Child Custody and Extracurricular Activities…what is the fight over?

Children who participate in physical activities such as sports experience positive health benefits, including decreased likelihood of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and some types of cancer (Council of Physical fitness and sports).  According to several articles, including the article published by the University of Florida, children who participate in sports are less likely toContinue reading “Teenagers, Child Custody and Extracurricular Activities…what is the fight over?”

Is Internet Pornography Ruining Marriages-The Silent Killer!

Internet pornography is a real issue for men and women (and teenagers) with increased technology and free availability to explicit sexual erotica. Provided the triple XXX pornography on the internet, many adults are increasingly becoming consumed or even addicted to porn. Some may argue internet pornography is not addictive, however, research has shown the brain chemicals change inContinue reading “Is Internet Pornography Ruining Marriages-The Silent Killer!”