Children in the Middle of the Ugly Custody Battle

Many families ask, “how did we get here, and why doesn’t the Commissioner/Judge see it my way?” Couples are divorcing and/or separating that have children is approximately fifty  percent (, 2016) and most professionals agree the percentage is most likely higher because not every couple is legally married. Majority of couples are able to separateContinue reading “Children in the Middle of the Ugly Custody Battle”

Look at this article…Great article especially for professionals!

A recent comment to my Facebook page by a parent asked what needs to be done to “keep things moving.” I thought my response might be more broadly of interest, so I am turning my response into a full post on my Facebook and blog pages. 1) Assessment We need to have all mental health […]Continue reading “Look at this article…Great article especially for professionals!”

Reunification Therapy Training

Rochelle Long, MA, LMHC is a licensed mental health provider in the state of Washington. She has been providing Reunification Therapy for over ten years, has worked on hundreds of reunification cases, provided expert testimony on recommendations for Reunification Therapy, and has developed a step process guideline to follow in her practice and wants toContinue reading “Reunification Therapy Training”

Reunification Therapy…does it work with high conflict custody cases?

Many know Reunification Therapy (RT) as reunifying a child with their ‘estranged’ parent(s).  There are many reasons why a child(ren) may be separated or estranged from one parent or both, such as Child Protective Services (CPS) conclude enough evidence for abuse or unsafe environment where the children are placed in foster care for a whileContinue reading “Reunification Therapy…does it work with high conflict custody cases?”

Long Counseling and Evalaution Services Weekly News…

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and our logical reasoning ‘goes out the door.’  Let’s move forward, as the past has already happened! There are many times in our lives when we encounter stressful events, and our emotions drive our decisions. Emotion-based decisions can potentially cause us more stress in the long-term evenContinue reading “Long Counseling and Evalaution Services Weekly News…”