Reunification Therapy Training

Reunification Therapy Training Pre-Recorded

Rochelle Long, MA, LMHC presents Reunification Therapy Training in a 3-part Series. Rochelle has been providing Reunification Therapy for 17 years, and has devised a six-phase treatment program that has proven to be effective. This webinar training series will provide professionals the tools to start Reunification Therapy in their private practice, and organizations. Rochelle uses practical resources to help further your knowledge and understanding about Reunification Therapy and why it differs from traditional Family Therapy. She will discuss ethics, documentation, the legal side, the forensic role, intake process, document reviews, collateral information, formulating a treatment plan, executing the treatment plan, how to speak with attorneys, GAL's, parenting evaluators, courts, and how to write reports. This training is for professionals that work in this area and want to gain more knowledge, for professionals that are just starting to provide Reunification Therapy, Legal Counsel, Commissioners/Judges, GAL's/parenting evaluators, and other professionals that want to learn about Reunification Therapy. This webinar training is in a three-part series. After completion of all three trainings, you will receive a certificate for completion (you must complete all three series, along with the homework involved). Rochelle Long, MA, LMHC is truly a great trainer, and understands families going through life challenges. Sign up today for this excellent training.


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